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Texas drivers ed have released the updated Texas Driving Handbook, incorporating lot of new mandatory add-ons, helpful content and new pricing details. The updated handbook is not only beneficial for those who are preparing for their driving tests, but also for seasoned drivers. The new version is available in both English and Spanish languages. The new curriculum is easier to understand and demands less time from the learners while preparing for their permit.

Sophie Wood, the product manager of Teen Driver education says, “We are very pleased to inform that we have released a new version of Texas Driver Handbook. We have added new modules that will surely make studying the book both enriching and enjoyable and learn more about defensive driving texas requirements. We request would-be drivers to share the handbook to their friends who also want to take the driving test in DPS and invite everyone to join our feedback program to improve the handbook further and make the roads safer.”

The driver handbook is the driving bible which contains the rules and regulations governing all drivers in the state. For those who want to obtain a driving license in Texas, the driving handbook is the ideal way to get information on state specific driving laws that the driver needs to know. Completing the driver’s handbook helps anyone pass the online permit test with easy. It has lot of tips on how one can become a safe and responsible driver. This information helps not only the driver, but also the passengers, infants and other individuals who are using the highway for traveling. The handbook lets drivers know the road rules to be followed and how to drive safely on the road.

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